About Us

The first plot was bought by our family in 2008, at Toplec vineyard, Tokaj, in a historical wine region of Hungary.
We started to establish our winery in Erdőbénye in 2009.
After the initial difficulties that we had, we already have been able to complete all tasks according to our plans by 2012.
Our major goal is to have the most possible natural wines with the littlest and most gentle interventions in our bottles,
preserving their quality for many years both for others and for ourselves.



Toplec – Olaszliszka
Owned: 2008
Aspect: S-SE
Elevation: 180-200 m
Size: 0.6 ha
Age: ~90-100 y
Grapes: ~100% Furmint
Vines: ~ 1700
Soil: “striped” rhyolite, diatomite


Rány – Olaszliszka
Owned: 2016
Aspect: W-SW
Elevation: 165-170 m
Size: 0.3 ha
Age: ~35-40 y
Grapes: ~85% Furmint, ~15% Hárslevelű
Vines: ~ 800
Soil: rhyolite


Lepény – Erdőbénye
Owned: 2016
Aspect: S-SE
Elevation: 210-215 m
Size: 0.6 ha
Age: ~30 y
Grapes: ~70% Furmint, ~30% Hárslevelű
Vines: ~ 800
Soil: quartzite, rhyolite, clay


Most of the works are done by hand, such as pruning, binding, shoot selection.
Plant protection is achieved exclusively by spraying out a balanced mixture of sulphur,
plant conditioner solutions and different herbal infusions (camomile, horse-tail, nettle, powder of oak bark).
Unless it is unavoidable, copper usage is kept at minimum in our estate.
Similarly, we do not use synthetic absorbents and herbicides, either.
A comprehensive test carried out by an accredited laboratory recently justified our work:
wines have been produced for five years in our estate are free from pesticide.
Harvesting is done by hand, grapes are picked directly into boxes.


Only ripen grape is harvested, at the same time in a whole plot, if possible. During harvest, the grape arrives to the cellar in boxes.
After crushing and destemming, the berries are immediately pressed by a basket press („Kossuth-type press” in the Hungarian terminology).
The must is cooled overnight, and the next day, most of it is filled into barrels,
where the spontaneous fermentation is completed as well as the fresh wine is matured for at least half a year.
Our philosophy is that the wine should contain only natural components of the grape,
therefore we try to avoid artificial materials during the winemaking process as well.
Most of the finished wines are bottled and matured in our cellar.
Since our bottles are sealed with cork, we cannot completely exclude TCA infection in our wines.
We apologies for the corked wine you may find. Please let us know and we exchange it free of charge.


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Norbert Csite
Erdőbénye, Budapest
+36 70 229 9767